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The Flaws of Jail Expansion

The fundamental flaw in Measure 1 is its reliance on jail expansion as the primary solution to address public safety concerns. While proponents argue that more jail space is needed to detain individuals who pose a threat to society, opponents contend that this approach is fundamentally flawed for several reasons.


Perpetuating Mass Incarceration: Expanding jails without addressing the root causes of crime may exacerbate the problem of mass incarceration. History has shown that when new jail space is created, it tends to be filled, potentially leading to the over-incarceration of individuals, including those who could be better served by alternative programs.


Failure to Address Systemic Issues: The criminal justice system in Spokane, like many others in the United States, faces systemic issues that need to be addressed comprehensively. Focusing solely on jail expansion ignores underlying problems such as racial disparities, harsh bail policies, and limited access to mental health and addiction treatment.

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