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Controversies + Opposition

Timing of the Proposal: One of the primary sources of controversy surrounding Measure 1 is the timing of its introduction. The proposal was put forth by County Commissioners Josh Kerns and Al French in December, just before new County Commissioners Amber Waldref and Chris Jordan, both Democrats, were set to take office. Critics argue that this timing appeared to bypass the incoming commissioners, leading to concerns about transparency and accountability.


Lack of Specifics: Many opponents of Measure 1 argue that the lack of specific details regarding how the funds will be allocated is a significant drawback. They contend that voters should have a clear understanding of where their tax dollars will go before casting their ballots.


Emphasis on Jail Expansion: A central component of Measure 1's spending plan is the construction of two new detention facilities—a jail and a community corrections center. Critics argue that this focus on jail expansion may perpetuate mass incarceration without addressing the root causes of incarceration.


Calls for Delay: Both incoming County Commissioners, Amber Waldref and Chris Jordan, along with Spokane City Council President Lori Kinnear and Councilmember Zack Zappone, requested a delay in the vote on Measure 1. They stressed the need for careful planning, collaboration, and community input to ensure that the funds are used effectively.

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