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A Call for Transparency + Accountability

We also argue for transparency and accountability in the democratic process. They assert that voters need to be fully informed about the implications of this proposal:


Clear Ballot Language: The original ballot language for Measure 1 lacked clarity about how the proposed tax increase would be utilized. This lack of transparency was challenged by petitioning organizations, leading to the inclusion of explicit language about funding "correctional infrastructure." 


Informed Decision-Making: In a democracy, informed decision-making is crucial. Voters should understand precisely where their tax dollars will be allocated, especially when it involves such a significant and far-reaching policy change.

Measure 1's proposal for jail expansion in Spokane County is fraught with potential pitfalls that must not be overlooked. Critics argue that a focus on reform, addressing systemic issues, and investing in alternative programs is a more effective path forward for enhancing public safety and reducing recidivism. The proposal also raises important questions about transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.


As Spokane residents and policymakers consider the fate of Measure 1, it is essential to engage in a thoughtful and well-informed dialogue about the best way to improve the criminal justice system and create a safer and more equitable community. Rather than doubling down on jail expansion, the community should explore holistic, evidence-based alternatives that prioritize rehabilitation and systemic reform.

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